Horseshoe Cottage & Ruby have a new eco sauna

Horseshoe Cottage was converted from the original stables where the farm horses were kept many decades ago.

Alongside Ruby Bowtop, Horseshoe Cottage offers guests a stay where they can be inside the cottage with all the mod cons and then escape into the woodland garden to sleep under canvas in the magical ambience of Ruby Bowtop. Its like stepping up and into another world where you can hear the birdsong in the morning and imagine days gone by travelling along the lanes being drawn by horse. Ruby is an old lady, born in the 1930's and has brought so much joy to all the guests who have stayed in her over the years and also all the couples who have chosen to get married in front of her, being the magical witness to their ceremony.

We now have a new addition in the woodland garden, in a secret hideaway we have placed an eco sauna with full panorama window so that you can relax inside in the warmth, melting all the stress and tension from your body whilst looking out across the field towards sunset. I've enjoyed watching families of deer, hares as well as all the birds flying by and pheasants meandering and munching. During the meteor showers the eco saunas, both with Horseshoe Cottage and Maharani Roulotte offer the perfect place to watch the display of shooting stars. I love to watch the flames, read a chapter or two of my book and escape the world into this sauna sanctuary. Add some steam and dissolve any last lingering tension. Just the tonic for weary limbs, busy minds and hectic lives.

Avril Berry

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