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Practise Yoga, greeting the sun in the fresh air by your roulotte or in a pre arranged guided session on the covered deck. Ease those tired joints, discover the power of the breath, stretch and flex the body and quieten your mind with Avril Berry, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. To breathe fresh clean air and listen to birdsong whilst practising Yoga in nature adds to the beneficial effects of the experience.
We can also recommend local massage therapists.

Eco Sauna

Welcoming another incredible 'wellbeing in the meadow experience'. - the eco sauna. Watch wildlife in the meadow - barn owls, hares, deer as well as many different birds through the panorama window. Enjoy sunset and the stars whilst completely relaxing and revitalising body, mind and spirit in a wood fired eco sauna. If you'd like to book a roulotte with eco sauna then please book Maharani.
In a secret hideaway with views over the fields to sunset there is another eco sauna with Horseshoe Cottage with Ruby.

Copper bath tub

Relax and soak in a bespoke outdoor, freestanding copper bath tub whilst you enjoy the natural beauty of the meadow. Copper has beneficial properties so immerse yourself in this wood fired bath tub whilst being serenaded by birdsong.
If you'd like to book a roulotte with copper bath tub then please book Gitana or Zenaya.

Take a dip

On a sunny morning or at the end of the day, what could be more refreshing than slipping into the fresh, clear waters of the local nature reserve, lochs and rivers just minutes away from Roulotte Retreat.
Enjoy a 'Wim Hof' moment with the benefits of exposing your body to the cold water, either in nearby lochs and rivers or plunge into your hot tub/copper bath tub in the morning before it is heated.

Stretch the body, discover the power of the breath and calm the mind with Yoga, in one-to-one sessions or small groups. Enhance your stay relaxing in outdoor wood-fired copper bath tubs, eco hot tub and eco saunas under the stars.

Guests have exclusive use of these additional wellbeing features with their accommodation for an additional price. If you don't wish to use a Roulotte's wellbeing features then please book another Roulotte. After booking, an email will be sent with regard to payment for use of the eco hot tub/copper bathtub/eco sauna.

When you book please enquire further about additional treats, classes or treatments you may be interested in and we shall try to help you organise.

For all enquiries please contact us to find out more.

Eco hot-tub

Enjoy bathing in our wooden Japanese style Eco Hot Tub, overlooking the fields and watch the sunset in one of the most romantic settings here at Roulotte Retreat. If you'd like to book a roulotte with eco hot tub then please book Devanna.

Sleep in Serenity

Immerse yourself in the land of nod amidst the tranquillity of the meadow with the romance of sleeping under the stars in a beautiful roulotte. Step away from the busy-ness of city life, and re-connect with nature and calmness. Birdsong will serenade you at twilight and awaken you gently in the morning.

Nature's treasure

Nature is all around us. Reconnect with the thriving wildlife of the Scottish Borders and take in the fresh countryside air. and ambience. Tantalise your senses and feel the benefits of what is known as shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) - the practice of spending time in nature.

There are four chemicals in the human brain that make us happy and all four can be activated just by spending time outdoors in nature; Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins.

"The night spent in the bowtop was beyond our dreams...we woke refreshed after the best night’s sleep either of us had enjoyed for a long time"

Audrey and Finn

Guests, Ruby Bow top

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