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There is so much to do, see, taste and experience in this beautiful area of Scotland that it is not possible to list everything and everywhere so we have decided to leave it up to you to look through to see what is on when you are visiting.

There are events happening all over the Scottish Borders throughout the year, as well as local attractions.  Or you may decide to 'just be' and relax, taking time out from busy lives, enjoying the sheer pleasure and magic of living in a roulotte in the wildflower meadow. Sign up for our newsletter so that you can watch out for our very our own Roulotte Retreat calendar and keep up to date with what’s happening here in the meadow.

Wildflower meadow

Roulotte Retreat is situated in a three acre meadow nestled below the Eildon Hills in the north and just below an ancient Roman site, Campknowe. The wildflower meadow is full of colour, exquisite birdsong and wildlife providing the rare experience of a completely natural backdrop. Originally a field for our ponies, geese and ducks, since 2008 we have rewilded the entire meadow with native trees, shrubs and wildflowers around a series of wildlife ponds. Fun Fact: The meadow featured in a music video for artist Tasha Blackmore.

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Pondlife on the lochan includes families of wild ducks and moorhens raising their young, frogs, toads, newts, dragonflies and damselflies. Great crested newts swim beneath the surface alongside a myriad of pondlife.


We have planted native species which will attract a variety of birds, butterflies and bees. This includes Spring flowers and blossom for insects and especially bees with Autumn berries and fruits for wild birds. All the planting also provides cover and shelter for nesting birds and overwintering insects.

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Wildlife abounds in and around the meadow - hear the hooting of the nightly owls, watch the early morning deer. A family of badgers are known to come out and play at the end of the drive when they think no one is looking. Sightings of the elusive and rare water-voles have been witnessed by guests as well as voles, shrews, fieldmice, foxes, hares, rabbits, and weasels.


Birdwatching is abundant with robins, nuthatches, yellowhammers, goldfinches, goldcrests, tree-creepers, long-tailed tits, sedge warblers, bull finches, sparrows, wrens, carrion crows, jackdaws, kingfishers, siskins, chiffchaff, wood warblers, willow warblers, dunnocks, chaffinch, blackbirds, song thrushes, spotted flychatchers, woodpeckers, blue tits, great tits, green finches, black caps, sparrowhawks, swallows, kestrels, ospreys, buzzards, kites, amongst others.

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"A taste of Eastern magic in the glorious Scottish Borders"

Clare and Vince

Guests, Devanna Roulotte

Roulotte Retreat...a cluster of Gypsy caravans where cosy camp fires under the stars are a clear favourite.

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