Our Commitment


Environmental Statement

We are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible and we would like our guests and wildlife to co-exist in harmony at Roulotte Retreat in our meadow which has been rewilded with native trees, shrubs and wildflowers to increase biodiversity.  

In the heart of the Scottish Borders countryside the meadow is endowed with fresh air, dark skies and the opportunity to watch wildlife, listen to birdsong and let nature revitalise the spirit.

The wildlife pond is lined naturally with clay and filtered by reeds so it is clean, fresh water supporting an abundance of aquatic life and plants including great crested newts.

When it is necessary to cut back some of the tree branches, shrubs, etc this material is used to create 'dead hedging' providing privacy for guests as well as habitats for wildbirds and other wildlife. Solar lighting and minimal low level lighting only is used throughout the site to avoid light pollution, creating the best conditions for star gazing.

Our Roulottes are made from sustainable timber in France.
We commissioned our bespoke roulottes from French artisans who have been creating unique roulottes for decades according to ancient designs. Although being imported from Europe we worked closely with a local haulage company in the Scottish Borders who already travelled over to Europe and who transported our roulottes on their return journey.

The roulottes have excellent insulation in the walls, floors and ceilings to ensure a cosy stay.
The wood burners are fuelled by eco fuel logs which are derived from wood shavings, otherwise destined for landfill. The eco fuel is clean - to handle, for the chimneys and more importantly it is clean for the environment. There is also electric heating for those who wish to have radiators.

Furniture which is built into the roulottes is hand carved where the roulottes are made and other pieces have been sourced especially by us from many interesting places. After all, buying and using old pieces is the ultimate form of recycling where old treasures serve as our archives of design.

All toilets are low flush and toilet paper is from 'Who Gives a Crap' which is environmentally friendly and also makes a difference by donating 50% of profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.

Outdoor cooking on open camp fire offers the romantic candlelit suppers under the stars.

Guests arrive by car, motorcycle, as well as bicycles and park in our woodland car park which preserves the natural integrity of the landscape. It is then a short walk through the meadow on the wood chip and bark paths which is brought in by woodland companies rather than going to landfill. Arrival by public transport is possible too, by train from Edinburgh or by bus.

Recycling and waste management is a priority and our local council policy is explained prior to guests arrival by email and also detailed in the roulottes.

All cleaning materials used are environmentally friendly.

Our Studio benefits from energy supplied by solar panels on the roof which runs our 'solar laundry' providing hot water and electricity in the Studio. The Studio deck also doubles as an excellent drying space on rainy days.

We keep paperwork to a minimum with all bookings online and information sent digitally with regard to guests stays, wedding and elopement information, etc. We don't do glossy brochures, only stunning images and information online on our website and social media.